#irene – My selection of the best Hurricane Irene tweets

August 29, 2011 at 8:50 am 1 comment

Note – I don’t normally insert Read More breaks, but I have for this post, because it’s very long, and it would have flooded up my homepage if I didn’t.

Hurricane Irene stirred up a flurry of tweets as it made its way to New York. Every few minutes, my stream would refresh, and I’d see more and more tweets pertaining to the hurricane. Most of them were extremely comedic, poking fun at the hurricane and the situations it caused. In fact, I dare say it didn’t seem like the New Yorkers were scared at all.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the news, those who aren’t on Twitter, and those who simply want to have a nice laugh, here are my selections of the best Hurricane Irene tweets. Be warned: ‘Tis a lot.


I highly doubt you’ll find flying cars in them.

The only person (if you can call the account that) I’ll have to unfollow is @Hurricane_Irene.

“Historic”, indeed.


(Foursquare has badges you can unlock as you check-in to different places. Thus, this is a #foursquarereference)

AKC. Always Keep Charged. Cause you never know.

Guess nobody volunteered to share their password with this poor guy.

Maybe it does. Wet cat paw prints around the house.

i.e., the SUN.

Una parodia en Español. Que es un accidente!



Flooding in the jeeps…get it?

It’s always the best for Apple, they’ll never take anything lesser.

OMG. Threat level ORANGE. Imagine that.

(Dennis Crowley is the only New Yorker I follow on Twitter. So sorry.)

Hopefully you won’t find sharks swimming down there…look below.

No. First there was Earthquakepocalypse, then there was Hurricanepocalypse, now there’s Tornadopocalypse (there’s a tornado watch or warning in effect for NY, can’t remember which one).

That’s like saying, “Why do we have to change the water in fishbowls? They haven’t finished drinking it!”

I wouldn’t mind doing that.

That is an insanely good bit of advice. I got spammed a lot after sending out my Hurricane Irene tweets.

And we were expecting Category Four.

I will not be flooding up my blog with Hurricane Irene related tweets, though if you’re interested in reading more, you can click here for the whole Twitter stream on #irene, and here for the stream on #HurricaneIrene. I hoped you had a laugh from the tweets I did post here.

On a personal note, my aunt Maggie lives in New York City. I still don’t fully know the extent of the damage there, although she did report a potted plant falling from a windowsill above her. I don’t think she would have noticed anything else; the time I called her, she was sitting on the floor watching Independence Day with friends and yelling, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!”

How did I help during Hurricane Irene? Well, I sent out forecast maps and satellite images of it, and emailed them to my aunt in NYC, who passed them on. They’re retrievable from the NOAA site, http://www.noaa.gov.

Despite the light-hearted attitude of most people during the hurricane, it still inflicted quite a lot of damage and people were killed because of it. The current count is 21. I ask you to keep them and their families in your prayers.

I also want to say that today, August 30th, was the day Hurricane Katrina made landfall. Please observe a moment of silence in memory of all those that died because of it. Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes in United States history, and we all know how many losses we suffered because of it.

I will leave you with one last laugh.

(PS – Also check out this Business Insider article if you’re not having a stomach ache already and are up for more laughs.)


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